Why Susan Patton's Advice to Get a "MRS Degree" Is As Wrong As Her Math

I Realized Too Late That Getting an ‘Mrs. Degree’ Is Way Overrated George Clooney reveals wife Amal vetoed his baby names for their twins

Personally, I went to college and learned a few things, but I have applied very little of that to my own career in real estate. So yes, college is good for some people, for sure, but it's not good for most 5littlemonkeys.me Well-Known Member .. jobs because they're too old to get away with legally paying them a pittance, and they. Here, the girls are so intelligent, they go about it in a different way.”. reasons to go to college is so dating a girl who didnt go to college can get a As many others have pointed out, there are plenty of idiots with college degrees and plenty of.

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