Grindr Takes A Stand Against Sexual Racism And Discrimination With "Kindr" Initiative

Grindr Takes Stand Against Discrimination with “Kindr” Initiative Ellie Goulding engaged to Caspar Jopling

Grindr has long has a problem with discrimination, and now, the gay dating app wants to stamp it out with an initiative called Kindr. SEE ALSO: Bumble launches digital snooze button that lets you take a mental health break Kindr, updating its community guidelines in a stand against racism, bullying. We're not into racism, bullying, or other forms of toxic behavior. Together, we can amplify the conversation and take steps towards a kinder, more respectful community. It's time to play nice. Stand in who you are and be proud." Arisce .

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Grindr Users Make Kindness Their Preference - Kindr Ep. 6

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