Ang CUTE! Anak Ni GEORGINA WILSON na si Archie Gustong Ulam ang ADOBO! İndir A World Where Michael Jordan is No Longer the GOAT Georgina Wilson and husband Arthur Burnand's son Archie turned 2 last of her son every time he gets frustrated because he doesn't like his 'ulam.' " Pagbigyan nio na ang sarap nga nmn ng ADOBO ang cute nia puting. This video of Georgina Wilson's son Archie asking for adobo amuses netizens. We Can't Stop LOL-ing At Archie Burnand Crying Over Adobo her adorable son crying and asking for adobo on Sunday,. Archie's mood turned from sour to "happy na" when his nanny finally gave him adobo.

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Hungry Filipino boy - KAMI - Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand's son

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