‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Pokemon Go Treatment With New AR Game

A ‘Walking Dead’ augmented-reality game similar to “Pokemon Go” gets release date Learning to Love Again After an Affair

'The Walking Dead's' Augmented Reality Game is Live. with the launch of “The Walking Dead: Our World” mobile game from developers While the game sound a lot like developer Niantic's massively popular “Pokemon Go,” AMC's The game will also get updates to its use of AR, which currently. While it has been slower to arrive than a walker limping through thick Georgia mud, location-based augmented reality game Walking Dead: Our.

The walking dead our world

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NEW TWD Augmented Reality Game - NEXT GAMES

Games like pokemon go

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¡NUEVO POKÉMON GO AL ESTILO THE WALKING DEAD! - The Walking Dead: Our World - Black Ursus

The Walking Dead: Our World - Coming Soon to App Store and Google Play

Games like pokemon go

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